Complaints Procedure

We do our best to provide you with reliable good-quality service at Callander Dental Practice. However, should you be unhappy with any aspect of your treatment, we encourage you to speak to us about it. We are interested in learning from any shortfalls and are keen to continuously improve our service to you.

We will deal with your complaint in a confidential and efficient manner.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Contact practice owner Yvonne Bruehmann at the practice by phone, email or in writing.
  2. We will always try to resolve your complaint quickly within five working days of receipt of your complaint if we can.
  3. Should our response not satisfy you or if your complaint is more complex and we need to carry out a detailed investigation, we will acknowledge your complaint within three working days. We will give you our decision as soon as we can but not later than 20 working days unless there is a clearly good reason for needing more time.
  4. If, after receiving our final decision on your complaint, you remain dissatisfied with our decision or the way we have handled your complaint, you can phone the following independent organisations: Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (about NHS treatment) on 0800 377 7330 or Dental Complaints Service (about private treatment) on 020 8253 0800
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